The Secret Things

Get up! Purify the people and get them ready to come before me. Tell them to be ready tomorrow, because I, the Lord God of Israel, have this to say: ‘Israel, you have in your possession some things that I ordered you to destroy! You cannot stand against your enemies until you get rid of these things!’  (Josh. 7:13 GNT)


Last week I was reflecting on a particular area of my life that I’ve been battling with. One morning during my quiet time, I was reading over a familiar story in the book of Joshua 6 in which the city of Jericho was conquered. It’s an amazing story you should check out when you have a moment.  However, as I read further down in chapter 7 about the preparation for their next battle in Ai, there was a verse that really stood out to me.

You cannot stand [victorious] before your enemies until you remove the things under the ban from among you.” (Josh 7:13b AMP)

You see, unfortunately a few of the sons of Israel kept and hid some of the items that God specifically told them to destroy. And now their disobedience caused God’s anger to come against the camp and was preventing the entire army from moving forward and defeating their enemies. Sheesh!

Have you ever felt like you have been stuck in a battle, unsure of why you can’t move forward?  Perhaps it’s because we, like the sons of Israel, have things in our midst that God has specifically called us to get rid of.

It made me think about security lines at airports. TSA is very specific with items that are not allowed through the checkpoints. So we know that when we get to the front, we’re not getting through that gate if something alarms the guards. Similarly, I’m inclined to believe the same applies in our lives. Can we really get to the gate of our next destination if we have things God has specifically said no to? Is holding on to it worth the destruction it could cause in our lives, or even those around us?  The decision of the sons of Israel didn’t just impact them, but the entire camp.

So as you’re reading this, what is it that is pricking your heart? Is there something that you are still holding onto that should actually be removed? Things that don’t align with the instruction of His word?

-Sexually Immorality
-Unhealthy Relationships
-Addictions (i.e., shopping, alcohol, pornography etc.)

God was clear in His instructions to Israel, yet there were still some who chose to disobey. And that disobedience even led to death (vs. 25-26). My loves let that not be our story also. Just like in the battle of Ai, there is more at stake than we know. Israel wouldn’t be able to stand before their enemies and move forward in victory until they removed those things from their midst.

Let’s drop the things we shouldn’t be carrying or have been secretly trying to hide, and run to the arms of our Savior, seeking forgiveness and open hearts to follow His will for our lives. Letting go of something today could be the first step in seeing many victories up ahead!

Until Next Time and With Lots of Love!


3 thoughts on “The Secret Things

  1. flychristiangirls says:

    Thank you for the admonition and encouragement. This is so good. It brings to mind a passage from Hebrews 12:1 “…let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us.” The funny thing is that even with the TSA guidelines people try to get through with all types of things; some because they don’t know, some because they don’t care. This is a great reminder that we need to let go of that which God wants is to leave behind.

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